Thursday, January 28, 2010

Famous Guests Of The Garden

Our last Curry-Oke Friday Gandhi broke his fast to join us in the Garden. He gobbled down some curry then jumped on the stage, blowing us away with his rendition of "I Did It My Way" !

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Up and Running for 2010!

The Garden Of Eating, after closing for the summer and for renovations, opened December 11 2009 to start the new season.... with a new chef from Tahiti who knows every curry dish ever made, and new renovations, the Garden is hosting private parties and weddings!
Our Curry-Oke Friday night Curry Buffet and Karaoke combination is a fun evening, and we have Karaoke on Saturday nights, but rumor has it a certain cover tune singer/guitarist will be appearing weekly there.
Come and have some fun in a beautiful Old Playa garden, with waterfalls, a fountain, and tropical trees and foliage....
Enjoy our 2 for 1 for $20 pesos beer special between 4 and 7....
Bring your friends and have a blast at our Garden...